Hey, I’m Trix, also known as Madame Ravenly.

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Welcome to my blog!
Madame Ravenly is my “internet name” and it goes under my personal brand called Trix Creative Studio.


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Visit my brand new Youtube channel called “Madame Ravenly” about spirituality and philosophy combined with creative filmmaking.

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My Art

Check my latest illustrations, work in progress & bible journaling!

My Redbubble Shop

My Redbubble-shop is now up and running! You can visit it on the button below.

On the shop you find my illustrated brand called RavenlyFriends on different types of products – from clothing to phone cases.


Webcomic: Ravenly Friends

RavenlyFriends is an autobiographical webcomic by Trix Creative Studio. The comic tells stories of me, Ravenly, which of course is a fictional name, and all my imaginary friends. 

Sometimes there are stories about my past, sometimes it’s conversations between me and the characters and voices in my head. You’ll never know what madness it can be over here! The comic focuses on dark humor, raising awareness of different issues like domestic violence, and just show the world what’s inside my mind.