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How to interpret the Bible: Firstly, take a look on yourself…

Want to know what I think? There’s nothing wrong with interpreting the Bible based on yourself. You cannot exactly interpret it in any other way… because you are just a human being and you’re just inside of your own brain. So naturally, you will be influenced by your own previous experiences.

I want to think that other people do their best out of what they have, but sometimes I have doubts about that. Especially when it comes to fellow Christians. I’m very disappointed with how Christians nowadays treat each other! How they treat LGBTQ+ people and women. And I can say this as a Christian myself!

I have started to read my bible and do some bible journaling and faith journaling again. I thought I couldn’t be Christian because I was bullied away from the church by the pastor and all the other church leaders in my previous church. But now I think I have found a church that actually accepts me. And slowly I’m starting to get my faith back. Both the faith in humanity and the faith in the church. I’ve never questioned a higher power or God, but I’ve had some struggles where I did belong. Now I give myself permission to explore my faith a little bit further.

I won’t give up anything just because of mean people that read the bible like satan himself. Some people really interpret God’s word in a satanic way… And I’m not ashamed to say that. The bible should NEVER be used as a weapon. Ever.

And when I say ‘satanic’, I refer to actual Christians and pastors and church leaders who say that they are Christian, but they interpret the bible in such a hateful way… That cannot possibly be healthy! Just to clarify, I don’t talk about actual satanic people. I talk about Christians who interpret the bible hatefully and I call that satanic… anyway.

Now it’s time for me to heal… Heal from religious trauma. Heal from how Christians have treated me in the church. How they have spoken hate to my face. Watch me feel the pain, that was caused by their words and actions! They stole my faith and now I’m taking it back.

I identify with Christianity as well as with skepticism and also with witchery since I’m practicing witchcraft. I see myself as a modern witch. All other Christians in this world don’t have to agree with for example witchcraft, but why can’t they just let us be ourselves and let us be free with our God-given gifts? Why feel the need to lecture someone you don’t know?! Why spew hateful words out of your mouth? Because it is hateful to be against for example LGBTQ+ and to say that all witches are going to hell. No matter what your own intentions are behind it. Your intentions don’t take away the hateful message you actually are spreading!

So think about it; are you really more powerful than God? Do you really think it’s your place to judge others? Are you really THAT important in this universe?

If you think “yes” to that, the problem lies with you and not me!

I’m rambling, but I needed to do so today. This has been on my mind for quite a long time.


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