My memoirs: introduction and information

I have decided to start posting my memoirs here. I will post chapters with a memoir and a poem that has to do with the memoir. I will warn you though, it is a rather tough reading sometimes, and I will put trigger warnings where it seems appropriate.

I also post my memoirs on Inkitt: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/drama/803600

My memoirs are strong, they are about surviving and becoming a hero in your own life. It’s about finding yourself, and your path and leaving behind things that are hard to forget. To never really forget, but to accept the reality and move on.

And to move on, I need to share this and I need to just write to recover. And, to be honest, I think my memoirs will make a great book, so in 2023 I might publish the first part of my memoirs as an e-book. And it might as well come with more parts as a series because I have so much to tell…

However, I will start this writing journey by publishing them on just my blog. Before publishing them as a book for example. That’s because I want to start it easy.


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